Download Language Translator App AIA File - Kodular Free AIA File

Hangi Sat Shri Akal Doston, today in this video i will give you free Language Translator app aia file for kodular for free. I will recommend you use this Language Translator app aia file in kodular because i created this translator app aia file in kodular otherwise you can also try this file in thunkable or appybuilder also. You can download and use this translator app aia file for free.

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Watch Tutorial Of Language Translator App AIA File

NOTE : This Language Translator app aia file is password protected Zip. If you want to get password or use this Language Translator app aia file then follow the instructions below.

How You Get Language Translator App AIA File Zip Password

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What is Kodular (App Inventor) ?

Kodular (formerly Makeroid) is a web suite for mobile app development. It mainly provides a free drag-and-drop Android app creator without coding, supported MIT AppInventor. It brings many new features like new components and blocks. Kodular also provides a free online app store to share and distribute apps and an extensions IDE for advanced users.

Kodular is a web suite for mobile apps development. It mainly offers a free drag-and-drop Android app creator without coding; but it also gives service to a free alternative to Google Play Store and an Extensions IDE. Now, let’s start with Kodular Creator.

Time to click on Create App First of all, you’ll need a Kodular Account. you’ll get one by clicking on the Register button at the highest right corner. Once you’ve got finished the signup you’ll login together with your details during this page. And here we are, at Kodular Creator. Now you’ll start creating projects.

Let’s call our first project Hello World. you’ll now see an interface splitted into three columns. These columns are called Components List, Phone’s Mock and Properties Panel. The Components List contains all components which will be dragged into your app, like Buttons or Images.

There also are component categories, like Layout or Monetization, with even more components.In the Phone’s Mock (or Tablet’s Mock) you’ll see a preview of your app design.And finally the Properties Panel. It contains all apps settings, like App Name, App Icon, Theme Colour’s, etc. i will be able to guide you a touch demo of those three panels working together. you’ll pick a button from Components List and drag it into Phone’s Mock. The app will now contain that very same button after exporting it. I can customize it by changing its background color, size, and inner text from the Properties Panel. Quite cool, isn’t it? it’s super easy to style your app with Kodular Creator.

Now let me introduce the block section of Kodular. With Kodular you won’t need to write one line of code; you’ll only need to join some blocks. These blocks, like this one, are the apps internal logic. There are Events (in yellow, triggered when something happens), Methods(in purple, which perform a special action) and Properties (in green, which may change your app appearance dynamically).

There also are some extra blocks which aren’t a part of components. These blocks are the like Java’s native functions.For example, they will perform logical comparisons or operate mathematical expressions. These blocks also can declare variables, lists, or new functions. Now that we understand how blocks work, let’s finish our app. i will be able to make use of a Notifier component.

This component is basically useful as can display notifications, dialogues and alerts to your users. during this case i would like to display an alert when a user clicks on Button1. I pick the Show Alert block and join it with the Event block. However, I even have not set which text i would like to display. To do so, i might need to attend Text Blocks and pick the primary block. But there’s a touch trick. If you begin typing text anywhere you’ll automatically pick the block. it’s an enquiry block feature. And your app is ready!.

You can now export it as an APK file and share it with anyone. In my case,I want a QR code so I pick that option. Wait a couple of seconds and a dialog with the code and a download link are going to be shown. If you’ve got any questions, doubts or suggestions be happy to ask them in Kodular Community otherwise you can simply ask us your doubts by leaving comments below this post.


Is Kodular free?

Kodular Creator is FREE. However, if you include ads in your apps to monetize them, we’ll take a touch commission from your earnings.

What is AIA file?

An AIA file is a Zip-compressed project file created by app creator website like kodular, an internet program employed by beginning developers to make applications for Android devices. It contains multiple folders and files, which include .BKY, SCM, and YAIL ASCII text file files. AIA files are wont to save backups of projects or share them with other app creator website like kodular users.

What is Kodular?

Kodular (formerly Makeroid) is a web suite for mobile app development. It mainly provides a free drag-and-drop Android app creator without coding, supported MIT AppInventor. … It mainly provides a free drag-and-drop Android app creator without coding, supported MIT AppInventor.

What is the difference between an .AIA and a .apk file?

While an . apk file will allow you to download whatever content is contained, you’ll not be ready to manipulate the programming behind it. On the flip side, . aia files will allow you to control the program also as download the needed content.

How do I use an AIA file?

The AIA file is additionally wont to export and import projects to and from a computer to the online program. you’ll share your project in an executable form, which is that the . APK file, rather than ASCII text file form. To export the AIA file, select “Projects” and choose Export selected project.

How can I make my own app for free?

If you want to create a free app then you just search on play store web2apk – free app builder and download it that app will make your android app for free without any issue. Also you can upload that app on play store also. Try it now.

What is the best free app builder?

There are lot of app builder websites in maket. You can create you application for free without any issue like Appy Pie, AppMakr, GoodBarber, Appery, Swiftic and many more.