Top Chrome Flags

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What is Chrome Flags?

Top Google Chrome flags are a set of experimental competencies and settings which may be buried in Chrome for builders and tinkerers. These experimental abilities consist of functionality that Google is walking on however hasn’t enabled it but in the purchaser Chrome construct. The function list on Chrome flags is pretty vast but it need to interest you in case you love tinkering with new functions.

Chrome flags allow you to decorate your surfing overall performance and furthermore helps you to use new in-development capabilities. They moreover packs advanced alternatives like hardware and GPU acceleration, which want to be tremendous for developer checking out.

What we really stated is clearly the top of the iceberg, because of the reality the competencies and alternatives of Chrome flags are in reality overwhelming.If you are a developer or someone who just loves to test with new below-cooked features, then you definitely in reality’ll love Chrome Flags.

Top Google Chrome Flags List

Top Google Chrome Flags
  1. Enable new contacts picker
  2. Enable new Photopicker
  3. Experimental ScreenCapture
  4. Use Android SurfaceControl
  5. Contextual Search
  6. Smooth Scrolling
  7. Enables use of the Android spellchecker
  8. Offline Auto-Reload Mode
  9. Enable Translate
  10. Chrome Duet
  11. Force Enable Home Page Button
  12. Enable NTP Button
  13. Experimental app banners
  14. Material Design Incognito NTP
  15. Brotli Content-Encoding
  16. Site Exploration UI
  17. Generic Sensor
  18. Generic Sensor Extra Classes
  19. Enable custom context menu
  20. Parallel downloading
  21. Icons on Media Controls Overflow Menu
  22. Enable downloads location change
  23. Enable download home v2
  24. Enable new UI for net-error page
  25. New Media Controls
  26. Enable horizontal tab switcher
  27. Enable LayoutNG
  28. Enable lazy image loading
  29. Enable lazy frame loading
  30. Use all upcoming UI features
  31. Enable Media Controls Expand Gesture
  32. Chrome Custom Tabs Module
  33. Chrome Custom Tabs Module Custom Header
  34. Android Site Settings UI changes
  35. History navigation with gesture