Xiaomi Redmi Airdots
Xiaomi Redmi AirDots

Xiaomi Redmi AirDots

Quick connection
Automatic seconds connection, may be used with headphones

Bluetooth 5.0
A new generation of Bluetooth technology for faster and extra stable connections

12h lengthy battery lifestyles
With the charging field, brush 6 films

Binaural multi-feature button for easy control of track and phone

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Automatic seconds connection, can be used with headphonesThe connection between the left and proper earphones disappeared, however it brought a less complicated enjoy. Just put on your headphones, it’s geared up, start your overall performance proper away.

Small headphones with built-in chips

Xiaomi redmi airdots

A new era of Bluetooth 5.Zero, quicker and extra stableThe headset has a integrated Bluetooth 5.0 chip to be known as a brand new generation of headphones.Redmi AirDots is prepared with the contemporary Bluetooth 5.0 chip, the records transfer charge is up to two times compared with the previous generation, the relationship is quicker and more stable.Listening to songs and gambling games are all smoother and smoother.

The tune is fine and the decision is clear

Xiaomi redmi airdots

From 7.2mm transferring coil force unit
And DSP smart surroundings noise discount When the cloth and tuning are the equal, the larger the speaker unit length, the better the low frequency. The Redmi AirDots are equipped with a 7.2mm sound unit, which has a low-frequency dive and a medium-to-high frequency. In the compact layout, we still prepared you with DSP sensible environment noise discount generation, you do now not have to fear about the first-rate of the decision, it is able to take away the ambient noise, the other celebration can sincerely listen your voice.

Only 4.1g light, 3 earplugs Free to alter, comfy to wear, no longer clean to fall off

Xiaomi redmi airdots
Xiaomi Redmi Airdots

Lightweight and relaxed to put on is the spotlight of Redmi AirDots,thanks to the stern weight manage of the single earphone at four.1g.
You do not must fear approximately it falling off.
We have organized three models of earplugs to fulfill your better requirementsfor closure and firmness, even if strolling, punching, and taking note of tune.

Single use 4 hoursWith charging container

Xiaomi redmi airdots
Xiaomi Redmi Airdots

Use prolonged to twelve hoursThe storage container is also a charging box, this is the whole day we’ve prepared for you.Use the solution. Not most effective can shield and save headphones,
Can also price the headset two times.

Common Problem In Mi Redmi Airdots

Xiaomi redmi airdots
Xiaomi Redmi Airdots

I have cell phones. Can Redmi AirDots join cellular phones at the equal time?

Redmi AirDots cannot connect two telephones at the equal time, and doesn’t assist one.

Is my Redmi AirDots water-proof?

The headset may be IPX4 water-resistant and the charging container isn’t water resistant.

Can I regulate the quantity with Redmi AirDots?

The headset itself can’t alter the extent and desires to be adjusted with the aid of the smartphone.

Is my Redmi AirDots a -channel headset?

Redmi AirDots makes use of the Raychem RTL8763BFR Bluetooth chip to help two-channel stereo.

10 meters away from the telephone, I can also manipulate song through Redmi AirDots Call and other functions?

Yes, Redmi AirDots can be related up to 10 meters in a barrier-loose surroundings.

How do I see how much my Redmi AirDots are?

Supports viewing the headset’s energy on Apple and Android phones, and most effective suggests the primary headset’s energy.

It is not supported, because the headset and the Bluetooth bracelet belong to the receiving terminal tool, so that they can not be linked to each different.

Will my Redmi AirDots shut down mechanically?

When the headset is outdoor the charging container and there’s no connection and no operation, it will automatically shut down in about 5 mins.

Does my Redmi AirDots support 1/3-celebration chat and voice input?

IOS machine support, Android gadget uses the telephone microphone through default when inputting voice.

Is my Redmi AirDots strong once I talk, pay attention to songs or play games?

The connection is solid. If there is a large quantity of Wi-Fi connections, 4G alerts, high-power appliances, etc., which may purpose interference, there can be a scenario of stuttering and intermittent.

How long does it take to play the game with two earphones at the equal time?

Affected by the utilization environment, community, and mobile cellphone codec pace, it will reason exceptional delays when the mobile smartphone transmits audio statistics to the earphone.

Can the left and right headphones now not be charged?

First check if the charging field has power, check if the charging field of the charging field is sunken, and whether the charging point of the earphone is dirty. If the above is accurate, positioned the earphone into the charging box to check whether or not it’s far charging generally. If you continue to can not rate, please contact after-sales customer support.