verification on telegram

Telegram, the best social media network for creators. Because, there are lots of features that will help you to build your community and fan base strong. As usual telegram public channels or groups. Where you can share different type of content with the help of different lot of features.

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How To Get Blue Tick Verification On Telegram?

For protecting users identity telegram offers verification for public figures and organizations so that users can easily identify official sources. Before, too getting an verification badge on your telegram public group or channels. You have to need at least two social media accounts where you are already verified. I mean those social media network already gives you the blue verification badge on their social media networks.

Those social media would be:
• TikTok
• Instagram
• Facebook
• YouTube
• Twitter
• VK
• Snapchat

verification on telegram

Before, if you have at least 2 of these platforms verified then telegram team gives you the verification badge on your public channels or groups. You just have to add your telegram public group or channel link into your verified social media accounts. After that just send the request via @VerifyBot for getting blue tick.

But Now getting blue verification badge on Telegram become hard. If you want verification on telegram then telegram team will check your notability also. Recently telegram team update his verification guidelines. Where they said during the submission process, you will also be asked to provide at least 2 links to press articles mentioning you or your organization. To assist in the verification process, it’s preferable if:

  • The publisher is well-known and long-standing
  • The article is written in English
  • The articles must mention the public figure or organization in question, but don’t need to link to Telegram.

So, from now if you want verification on telegram then must have al least two verified social media accounts with blue tick moreover your name must be notable in the internet world. After that you can apply for telegram verification. Because now telegram verification is only available for large and active official channels, groups and bots.

How To Get A Telegram Verified Profile?

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