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Lets Talk About The Various Artists Topic Youtube Channel

When you upload your music to YouTube through any distributor then they create it available for stream on YouTube Music, you’ll notice it’s ended abreast of a channel. Don’t worry, YouTube hasn’t gotten confused and thought you’re somebody else – this is often quite common.

When your music first arrives on YouTube it’ll often be placed under a Various Artists topic youtube channel. This could be updated within the primary week or two after it’s been uploaded then your music will eventually be placed under your own topic channel together with your artist name.

If you’ve uploaded your music to YouTube Music together with your digital music distributor and are still seeing your music listed under Various Artists Topic Youtube channel after fortnight , then please get in-tuned together with your distributor support team via a Support Ticket on the distributor site so you’ll resolve the matter.

Once your music is correctly placed on your own topic channel, you’ll bring all of your music together onto one channel that’s channel called Official Artist Channel. This provides a one-stop hub for your fans and new listeners to get all of your YouTube content including music videos, live recordings, demos, and therefore the music you’ve uploaded through a distributor.

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