Distrokid launch video publishing services DistroVid. Now you can release your music videos on Vevo, Apple, Amazon & Tidal and keep 100% of earnings.

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Pay $99 per year and release unlimited music video. In this plan you will some existing features too.

DistroVid Some Features:

• Hi-def videos on streaming services includes 4K videos & custom thumbnails.
• Get a Vevo channel & verified on YouTube. Free for all DistroVid members.
• Keep 100% of your earnings. All earnings passed through to you, get paid regularly.
• Unlimited uploads for one artist or band. Add additional artists only $49.99/yr ea.

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But wait, can’t I just upload videos to YouTube myself?

Def, but you need DistroVid if you also want your videos in Apple Music, Tidal, Vevo, and Amazon Prime. 🚀

Tell me more about Vevo

DistroVid members get included in Vevo, which means the official Vevo watermark on YouTube. Vevo also lets people watch your music videos on different platforms including Roku, Samsung & LG Smart TVs, Comcast, and more.

Can I request a custom release date for my videos?

But of course.

How long does it take for the video to go live everywhere?

DistroVid delivers to the platforms lickity split. But then the platforms usually take anywhere from days to a couple weeks to go live.